What’s this all about?


Hi all,

Welcome to BoycottBoves.com. We are a group of former and current Bove tenants and their supporters, and we have come together to share some of the terrible things that have happened under Rick and Mark Bove’s business and rental ownership. Please check out what we have up so far and join our boycott of Bove’s Slumlord Pasta Sauce.


When you buy their sauces and frozen products, please consider those who have been harmed to build their empire.


Boycott Boves

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  1. FYI the boves have nothing to do with the owner of Almighty Peaks Painting drug conspiracy charges Almighty Peaks Painting worked for the Boves for many years and when they did all the violations stopped dont drag someone else’s bad choice into problems with rentals that are not being taken care of Rick and Mark Bove are law abiding citizens and good people who have and never had anything to do with drugs so stop making statements that you have and never will have proof of your makeing this article all look like a bunch of bad rumors they are hard working people go after their property management people dont smear their name out of stupidity.

    • Hi Lea,

      We hear your concerns. By their property management, you mean ‘Bove Brothers Management’, which has their name on it and is owned by them and which recently changed the locks on a woman’s apartment, leaving her and her children homeless?

      Tenants have told us that they complained to the Boves about Almighty Peaks Painting and their concerns were not taken care of. Unfortunately, after amassing 38 housing violations in 1 year, after the city of Burlington threatened to take away their liquor license, and Rick Bove telling reporters to print whatever they want, that he doesn’t care, we believe that negligence, whether willful or otherwise, doesn’t absolve the owners of their responsibilities, moral or otherwise.

      Shedding light on people and businesses we love is tough, and we hope you’ll continue reading and see that there are seriously problems with how this business is run that need to be addressed so families don’t continue getting hurt.

      Thanks for the conversation!

  2. “They are law abiding citizens and good people” Lea come on now sweetheart there is nothing good about them! They break the law on a daily they just haven’t been caught yet! Give me a break! I hope they rot in jail after all of this comes out!

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