Some background information on Boves Ownership in Burlington


As we get the site up and running it’s important to give some background information about why the Boves have failed to live up to housing standards in our community, and why we are calling for a boycott of all Bove products. The information presented on this site so far is shocking, but it has merit. Below are three articles from Seven Days over the past 5 years showing the number of code compliance issues.

1) In 2013 the city of Burlington held Bove’s liquor license because they refused to get into code compliance.

2) Also in 2013, one of the Bove’s buildings was deemed uninhabitable. “Live electrical wires dangling from a ceiling generate the same response — which is what happened last month at a North Williams Street apartment owned by local pasta pasha Rick Bove. (bolding is mine) Ward’s team decreed that place uninhabitable on July 15.”

3) In 2017, a single Bove-owned building had wracked up over 38 code violations.

4) As Rick Bove said in 2013, “You can write whatever you like. It doesn’t much matter to me” [“Fix It, Man,” August 21, 2013].

Connection with Rick and Mark?

Some folks are also asking what is the connection between the landlord Rick Bove and his pasta-sauce brother Mark Bove. Here is some examples of housing owned under Bove Brothers Realty, owned by both brothers, and below are screenshots from the Secretary of State’s website showing ownership.


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