The Condition of a Bove Brothers Property, Monarch Apartments in Essex, Vt


I wanted to share some photos I took over the winter of Monarch Apartments in Essex, VT, owned by the Boves. Residents told me that the place always looks like this – trash strewn, often left for months on end. Used needles were found both outside and inside, around play structures, making it hard for children to be left alone, whether it be to play inside or out. Tenants told me these problems were like this for months before I showed up.

In the words of one single mother, “They’re [children] not allowed to go play, run around, do anything. They’re prisoners. We all are.”

Bove’s Pasta Sauce claims to be a family-friendly business, but does this look family friendly to you?

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  1. No ones business

    Can I add some pictures? Nasty disgusting owner very disrespectful to his tenants very cheap very vulgar, the worst property owner ever I don’t even know where to begin from the roaches to the nasty floors in the building nasty walls garbage always full overflowing.building code been the same for 12 years , code box barley works half the time , mailboxes broken the worst book keeper ever makes me think he keeps his own books because only a no educated loser can constantly mess up on rent month after month I’m sending these pictures to Burlington free press they need to be shut down all of his properties ALL and he needs to be shut down if I told u the issues my family and myself have been dealing with and still dealing with your jaw will drop I got to record some of the conversation I had with rick nice and how he talked to me like I was trash like his properties.

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