Bove’s Homecoming Event Letter


As of today we have contacted every organization involved in the Bove’s Homecoming event and we have asked them to not participate in the events. Here is the email below.

If you appreciate or love any of these orgs, please email them and let them know you don’t want them associated or doing business with predatory landlords.

Our Partners: Pizza Papillo, Sausage Shack, It’s A Utica Thing, The Vermont Butcher Shop with their new Switchback Brewing Company BBQ Sauces, SunCommon, Joey the Clown, Cabot Creamery Co-operative, Sisters of Anarchy (Fisher Brothers Farm), Ken Lacouture Producer/ Documentary. Featured music will be Shake which is a 2018 Finalist for “Best Pop Band” in Vermont for the 2018 Seven Daysies awards!


Hi _______

We noticed you will be at Bove’s Homecoming next week and we are hoping you will step away from doing business with the Bove Brothers, who have an unfortunate history of preying on hundreds of low-income, working-class Vermonters.

Please check our website out and please let us know when you choose to stop doing business with folks who have hurt so many vulnerable neighbors and friends, so that we can publicly celebrate your courage in standing up for the little guy.

Thank you.


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