The Boves and Almighty Peaks Painting


The Boves hired Almighty Peaks Painting for years, a company busted with a kilo of heroin last year, and ignored the complaints of residents. Then, the city sold property to the Boves, who had done business for years with a drug dealer, a story for another day.


Almighty Peaks was the plow company. I called them (one time) and asked them to come out and we were told by our landlord not to come out until it stops snowing, and it was that 72 hour storm. Several cars got stuck. IS THIS LEGAL? Part of my lease is that they would cover plowing, I assume that means I can safely leave and come back. The fire lane wasn’t plowed.”


Almighty peaks Took everything out of garage when domestic assault case, woman moved out and man’s stuff was left behind. They took it and sold it on craigslist, also stole from apartment.”


“Hire Almighty Peaks Painting, they sell drugs in the building.”


“There’s no way to contact Bove. No way to email him, no way to call him, because they keep us at bay. Police reports about painters going in to apartments, they stole medicine on the third floor.”

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  1. someone needs to do their homework almighty peaks painting was not busted with a kilo of heroin 2 new Yorkers were as a matter of fact darrick holmes was not busted with any drugs and unfortunately he was charged with conspiracy which if you dont know what that means is he had knowledge so please stop trying to drag drugs into something that has to do with code violations and nothing to do with drugs.

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