Why these Vermont politicians need to return Bove’s money immediately.


It’s tough to see that some of Vermont’s most powerful politicians receive money from Rick and Mark Bove and feel like low-income Vermonters are being heard right now. It’s tough to see thousands of dollars, some of which was squeezed from low-income families, going to support politicians that are supposed to protect the very same vulnerable and marginalized families who have had money taken from them. It’s tough to see these elected officials remain silent in the face of growing evidence of negligence and malfeasance. We demand that these politicians return the Boves’ dirty campaign money immediately.



Burlington Mayor Weinberger, a parking lot, and Rick and Mark Bove

In December 2017, the city of Burlington sold a public parking lot to Rick and Mark Bove, even though the year before they had 38 housing violations on adjacent properties. A few months later, the Bove Brothers gave Mayor Weinberger a nice reelection gift to the tune of $2,000. They also happen to be friends on Facebook, which gives the impression of conflict of interest.




Attorney General T.J. Donovan and Mark Bove

Our Attorney General has not yet investigated what relationship Rick and Mark Bove may have had with Almighty Peaks Painting, a front that was busted with 1 kilo of heroin by the DEA in 2017. In 2016, the Boves gave TJ $400 in party-night expenses, likely some of their food, in addition to $1,000 in cash. In 2018 they returned to give another $1,000 election donation, even though TJ is running unopposed.


On top of this, just this March, TJ judged a local iron chef competition with Mark Bove. It certainly looks like a very chummy relationship.




Governor Phil Scott and Mark Bove

Governor Scott has been a booster of the slumlords’ Bove Pasta Sauce company, standing with them and helping them return to Vermont. He happened to receive a $4,000 donation shortly after the move was announced. They are also friends on Facebook.



Lt Governor Candidate, former Rep, and Milton Town Manager Don Turner.

Mark Bove credits Phil Scott, Dick Mazza (more on this in another post), and Don Turner with helping bring his company back to Vermont. Shortly after investing his dirty money in Milton with Turner’s support, Turner was given $750 in-kind donations for an event, likely Bove food products. They are also friends on Facebook.

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