Why don’t $40 millionaires Boves take care of their rental properties?


Looking at statewide data from 2016, I have found that the Bove Brothers are worth a minimum of $40,000,000 in land value, likely easily upwards of $50,000,000 when one considers the value of their pasta sauce empire and rental property income. So for two brothers to be worth so much, to be in the .1% of Vermonters, why couldn’t they spend just a bit of their large profits to ensure their properties were kept up to code? Why do they take renters’ deposits, which is life savings for their tenants and just a drop in the bucket for the Boves, when they are wealthier beyond most Vermonters’ imaginations?

As I will show in a later post, this sort of behavior unfortunately didn’t start with the current Bove generation, but began with their parents as soon to be evidenced with documents showing fines and Housing Board of Review decisions. Atleast the previous generation had the good sense to not hire drug dealers to ‘fix’ their units.


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