Boves’ Buildings Finally Get Fixed


The Bove family is worth over $40,000,000. So why did it take so long for them to fix one of their buildings, where several of their restaurant employees lived? As one victim stated:

“So they would make him stay [At Boves Restaurant] and work past a certain time and wouldn’t pay him past a certain time and he worked minimum wage for the whole time….Yeah George at [st] was awful mold and wood floors water damage caving ceiling my grandmas neighbor had animals in her kitchen and her porch was unstable it is crazy my papa worlds [worked for] for them to [too] and they ripped him off sad.” – Relative of former Boves Restaurant Worker, contacted through Facebook.

How did Rick and Mark Bove reward their loyal employee, according to officials?

“The Burlington Housing Review Board on April 18 ordered Bove to fix violations including broken windows, leaky plumbing, a cracked toilet seat, failed caulking, defective cooking equipment, and cracked walls and holes in the ceiling.”

It’s hard to believe Rick Bove’s argument, that he was waiting to renovate and was ‘loathe to put money into the property when it is going to be completely renovated’ feels like what a stretch, especially when one considers that Rick Bove lives in a $1.6 million mansion in Colchester and Mark Bove lives in a $1.4 million mansion also in Colchester. In a housing Board of Review appeal, the board recognized that Rick and Mark Bove had said they plan on “renovating/and or redeveloping the property for years with nothing changing.”

You can find the Housing Board of Review decision here.

Finally, the building is being fixed, all of which could have been done years ago if the Boves were fair and reasonable landlords. The former tenants, however, get no justice, many of whom have been moved to Bove properties outside Burlington, where enforcement and oversight is terribly lax and even more ineffectual than in the city.

As of now, one city councilor has shown interest in working with us to support tenants and hold predatory landlords accountable.


As of 9/19/2018

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