Why Did the Boves Illegaly Evict This Woman? (Video)


Mark and Rick Bove, aka Bove Brothers Realty and Bove’s of Vermont Sauces have a history of preying on low-income families.

One brave former tenant, Heather Rayta, tells her story about how the Bove Brothers took all of her belongings and priceless family photos, leaving her illegally homeless. Find more stories and how you can get involved at BoycottBoves.com.

2 Responses to Why Did the Boves Illegaly Evict This Woman? (Video)

  1. How long did she go to jail for? Can we expect our landlord to store our belongings indefinitely after vanishing from our apartments without paying rent?

    I rented from the Boves from 2008 to 2010. Rick reached out before coming through with the fire Marshall for yearly checks and he had a plumber unclog my toilet when it got plugged up.

    I am sorry that Heather got locked up and lost her kids, but can you hold your section 8 (I assume) housing provider to keep us out of jail? Let’s take responsibility for our own actions. Also, no way she had $50K worth of stuff in a rental. If she had that kind of money, she could have arranged for someone to move and store her belongings, even from VT jail.

    • Hi Joel, glad to hear a few folks had a good experience. Unfortunately most did not. It may not have made it into the video but she said her family tried to get her stuff and they weren’t allowed to go in even with her consent.

      Lawsuits often involve emotional trauma. On top of this both her cars were impounded without her knowledge, losing her voucher meant she forfeited thousands in rental assistance for the next couple years, and electronics were thrown away along with priceless family photos, memories and mementos forever lost.

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