But isn’t Mark Bove the Good One?: In 3 Stories



On Friday I went to the Boves’ Friday Flashback dinner. I came by myself, with a sign, standing on the side of the road. At the previous protest, Milton police officers said myself and 4 others could stand a bit on the grass so that we will be out of drivers’ way. Needless to say, Friday was different, as on Tuesday Mark Bove had gone to the police station to request an indefinite ‘No Trespass’ order against me. I can’t state this clearer – I have never been on the property, nor inside their manufacturing building, nor do I want to. Yet this was his response to me holding a sign on the side of the road – easy enough to be viewed as a crazy individual by most people in attendance.


Now, I know that this by itself isn’t enough evidence to support my argument. I have two more stories to share.


I created this website the afternoon of August 14th. Less than 5 hours later Mark Bove called my phone, where he kindly asked me from using social media and taking down his logo or else his lawyer would call me, with the assumption that lawsuits will come after. Unfortunately, using lawyers in a heavy-handed manner is a typical strategy of both Bove Brothers. Here’s what he said.



I was working that night until 930, and thought I’d call in the morning when I woke up to see what exactly his concerns were. Here was what Mark Bove’s lawyer had to say, greeting me before 830am.



It’s been 6 weeks and I haven’t heard back since about how my First Amendment rights are somehow logo infringement on the Bove brand. Still not sure if the issue is trademark or copyright. Still not sure about the libel claim. Still waiting for proof that the Bove Brothers aren’t in business together at both their pasta sauce company AND their landlording. Maybe it’s purely a coincidence it’s called Bove Brothers Realty and Bove Brothers Property Management and that Mark Bove is a principal on both these companies and that Rick Bove is a principal in the pasta sauce company.


Maybe it’s a coincidence that from the beginning Bove’s of Vermont has also been owned by both Mark and Rick. Maybe Mark is a good guy, and even if Rick owns all the slums, he still thought it was a decent thing to go into business with a slumlord, still thought it was decent to share the family name of a business with his slumlord brother. Maybe. Or maybe Mark hides behind Rick and let’s Rick be the ‘bad guy’ so Mark can look like the family-friendly ‘good guy’.


I was going to share this as a separate post, and may do so, but wanted to include it now. Mark Bove got into a property line fight with his neighbor, Patrick. Mark said he owned a decent chunk of his land and parking spaces, and Patrick pointed out that wasn’t the case. Mark asked to buy around 100 square feet of land, even though he already owned 350,000 square feet. In spite, Mark built an incredibly ugly fence to separate the two landowners.

Here’s Patrick in his own words:

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