Rick and Mark Bove Sued by Tenant for $1200, Counter-sue for $5k, Lose Both, Don’t Pay Up


A recent hearing by a former Bove tenant who we shall call M ended in a victory for M. Rick Bove came with his lawyer, David Greenberg, and two staff members, Lori Connolly and Emily Mailloux who defended the Boves.

During the case, which lasted for over 1.5 hours, we learned a few things.

  1. The Boves are willing to spend a ton of money on lawyers and staff time to intimidate tenants.
  2. The Boves, along with Lori Connolly, (who as far as we can tell is also president of the Board of the Burlington Choral Society) have no problem stealing money from low-income tenants and making up trumped-up costs to justify taking folks’ deposits. Not only did they make up several of the charges, including complaining about ‘sticky childrens’ fingerprints’ and smelling like animal feces, but they had no problem doing so in a court of law.
  3. The Boves want to distance themselves from their LLCs. During the court case Rick Bove argued that M was not suing him but rather suing his LLCs (including Bove Brothers Realty, owned by Rick AND Mark). 
  4. Rick Bove admitted that the business has atleast one business partner, is operated by him AND his family, and is not just owned by him.
  5. Lori and the Boves will use folks’ desire to get a good landlord review for their next landlord as a means to coerce or punish, as retaliation, tenants who take them to court or complain about their slumlording. This is ethically wrong, if not illegal based on retaliation laws.
  6. The court implied that the Boves are running a shoddy housing business, especially since a landlord with 500 unit should be able to follow basic housing tenant laws. 

Unfortunately over 30 days has passed and the Bove Brothers have not paid M for what she is legally owed. Now she has to file again with the court in hopes of compelling Rick and Mark Bove to pay what they owe. 

They’re not just slumlords, not just thieves, but deadbeats too.

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