The Bove Family History – Split Due to Unsavory Business Practice


Did you know that the larger Bove family split up in the 80’s due to Richard Bove Sr’s, predatory business practices. where he cut his own siblings out of the business so they started what would eventually be sold and become Leonardo’s Pizza across the street from the original Boves restaurant? The apples do not fall far from the tree.

At the Boves’ Homecoming on September 8th, I had the opportunity to talk to a Bove cousin who was visiting for the event. After explaining why we were holding signs and protesting, they said that they aren’t surprised to hear about Rick and Mark’s poor landlord and business practices, that this is the reason half the family no longer talks to the other half. This cousin told me that they support our work and that we should continue doing what we were doing.

While I am trying to find that person again, I came across some old Burlington Free Press articles that allude to the greater Bove familial drama, and it turns out that Rick and Mark’s father, Rick Bove Sr (who had a history of predatory landlording practices himeslf) also had a history of poor business practices when he pushed his siblings out of the business.

Text from Burlington Free Press, May 5, 1985:

“In the wake of a family dispute, Dick’s brother and sister, Anthony and Corinne, left the restaurant last year to set up their own business, Anthony’s Italian Foods To Go, across the parking lot. They have filed a court suit asking that Bove’s restaurant be closed.

They claim that other family members have not included them in the day-to-day running of the restaurant. Dick and his brothers Fiore and Ernest claim the formation of the new business is a breach of trust and it’s location amounts to unfair competition.”

Text from Burlington Free Press, January 22, 1985.

“A suit filed in Superior Court in November by Anthony R Bove and Virgina B Compagna asks that the family partnership be dissolved and Bove’s restaurant on Pearl Street closed.

The plaintiffs claim other family members have not included them in the management of the restaurant.”

Text from Burlington Free Press, November 13, 1989.

“Five years ago, after a sometimes bitter family dispute, the two oldest brothers, Ernie and Babe, finally negotiated an out-of-court settlement with dissident family members, including brother Anthony Bove, who started a competing restaurant, now called Anthony’s Italian Foods, just across the parking lot from Bove’s Cafe…

‘It’s over. It’s done with. I don’t want to say anything. It wasn’t a good thing for an Italian Family’, Bove Said.”

Text from Burlington Free Press, October 10, 1991:

The secret changed hands in 1988 when the brothers Bonneau bought Anthony’s from Corinne and Tony Bove who, it is said, wouldn’t even break garlic bread with their kin.

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