Boycott Bove + Burlington Tenants Union


Last week the Burlington Tenants Union teamed up with Boycott Boves to share information about Rick and Mark Bove’s never-ending slumlord practices. Because of our work, victimized Vermonters continue to share their stories. Today we added two more; Melissa’s Story and Ryan’s Story.

VtDigger wrote a story about our joint informational picket.

“The event on Tuesday was in collaboration with Winkleman’s cause. Picketers alleged that the Bove family are “slumlords” who mistreat their tenants and do not adequately maintain their rental properties.

Mark Bove, president of the Milton-based Bove Brothers, challenged the claims made by Winkleman and the tenants union at the picket.

“With, literally, decades of Vermonters (almost 4 generations) who have experienced our values at our café, our growing retail business including real estate development, we think thousands of fans will also politely disagree with this unfair characterization to tarnish our family business and family name,” Bove wrote in an email.

“We proudly continue the Bove’s family tradition today to make great food and treat our community with respect & admiration.”

Winkleman said the tenants union plans to stage monthly protests targeting other Burlington landlords, and send people to council meetings. He said the goal is to gather public support to pressure city government into taking action to address the needs of tenants.”

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