Bove Horror Stories 2

After we launched this site we started receiving more horror stories. We wanted to highlight a few of the new stories below.


“Richard Bove Jr., who manages his father’s properties, said repairs were put off at George Street because several teants owed back rent…he evicted Martin for that reason…George Senior made no mention of unpaid rents when he evicted Martin in September…he listed “no cause”…Martin said he was evicted because he complained…Martin said he has been unable to find a vacant, affordable apartment, and would be forced to live either in a shelter, or a nightly motel with his two young daughters, one of whom suffers from cystic fibrosis.” – Burlington Free Press, December 3, 2001.


“I contacted [Bove] property management the day I moved out asking about a move out inspection and how to return my keys. I was ignored. I emailed them again yesterday and called them again yesterday and was ignored. Now, I get this in the mail. I still have my keys and there was no inspection done. I cleaned this unit, the best I could. It was disgusting because they are scumlords and I lived there almost 9 years! I even replaced two of the doors and they’re charging me for doors? The fridge was spotless. A few pieces were broken, but otherwise spotless. I have pictures of everything. Most blinds were brand new and some screens are new. Their maintenance guy replaced some screens not long ago. Again, most of this is normal wear and tear. They are ridiculous!”


“I’m in the process of filing a civil lawsuit cause I have nothing my kids have nothing and my husband cause they violated a lease changed the locks and proceeded to throw everything we own out…I’m even now still in a lease with them. I have been tried reaching out to rick Bove personally…I was still a tenant and she illegally changed my locks and everything we owned was in that apartment…I’m actually living at the Lund home! I had no other choice.” – Heather Rayta, formerly of Arbor Gardens in Colchester


A renter told me about how the roof fell in on one of their bedrooms and it took the Boves 4 months to fix it, with children having to sleep in the living room that entire time. When the tenant asked how they would be compensated for the stress, the building manager told them they wouldn’t have to pay for parking, which they would soon be charging for. Turns out parking is included for free in the lease.

– Charles