Bove Horror Stories

  • “I rented from Rick Boves a long time ago and know he’s notorious for not returning security deposits without threatening a law suit. He thinks most college kids won’t go through the trouble. Crappy way to make extra money from students!” – Former Boves Renter, contacted through Facebook

“They’re not allowed to go play, run around, do anything. They’re prisoners. We all are.”

  • “I hold him responsible for causing [a] building firm I was working for shutting down years before it needed to because they took a wash on the projects he financed…we ran into many problems due to non payment because we weren’t get the money from him to pay the sub contracts working for us…towards the end of it the gmp was even turning of[f] the power to apts we weren’t working in.” – Local construction worker, contacted through Facebook
  • “The Boves used Almighty Peaks Painting to fix units, a drug front that went out of business last year after the DEA busted them with over one kilo of heroin. Residents talked to me about how thy complained to management and Rick about how these workers would break into apartments, would sell to residents, and often performed a very shoddy job fixing up units”. – Charles Winkleman, Boycott Boves

“They’ll say….you’re behind on rent, and even with proof, they’re still saying they owe them money.” – Boves Resident at Monarch Apartments, Essex Vt, contacted face-to-face.

  • “So they would make him stay [At Boves Restaurant] and work past a certain time and wouldn’t pay him past a certain time and he worked minimum wage for the whole time….Yeah George at [st] was awful mold and wood floors water damage caving ceiling my grandmas neighbor had animals in her kitchen and her porch was unstable it is crazy my papa worlds [worked for] for them to [too] and they ripped him off sad.” – Relative of former Boves Restaurant Worker, contacted through Facebook.
  • “One single mother, previously homeless for several years and just out of a shelter with her children, said after living in a Bove apartment for 2 months she is considering moving back into her car or sleeping on friends’ couches. The roof fell in and took several months to fix, and on top of that, the place has mildew and reeks of third hand smoke in the walls.” – Charles Winkleman, Boycott Boves, contacted face-to-face.

“It’s like domestic abuse – you’re used to every day but then you walk out and realize, hey I don’t need to put up with anymore, I’m moving to a new place.” – Resident at Monarch Apartments in Essex, Vermont, contacted face-to-face.

  • “Years ago, when I first moved in…they had this guy named Mo, who was their maintenance guy, and he was offering multiple women in different buildings money [and drugs] in exchange for favors of a sexual nature…he made so many offers and yeah I’m a single parent but I don’t need money that way…” – Resident at Arbor Gardens in Colchester, Vermont, contacted face-to-face.
  • “Kids can’t play out back – used needles, garbage, poop…You can’t leave your kids anywhere. They’re not allowed to go play, run around, do anything. They’re prisoners. We all are.” – Former Resident at Monarch Apartments, in Essex, Vermont, contacted face-to-face.