Melissa’s Story

May 11, 2019: I knew the Bove’s for many years, since I was 13 years old. I’m a single mother of 3 girls and I lived at 90 Pearl Street for the past 7 years and just got kicked out of the building; they never fixed anything at all. When I moved in management was E.P Management now it’s Bove’s Brother Realty. I got kicked out on April 30t, and had two weeks to get my belongings out of the place. I had friends and family helping me pack, and we couldn’t get much done because the maintenance man would go and lock the door when we went to get more boxes and tape. I never knew I had 14 days to get my belongings out, as someone slipped the notice under my door after I was evicted. 

Well again yesterday, we were there all day packing. I left to go get the moving truck come back with the door locked with all my and my kids’ stuff in the place. But most of all I have my Uncle’s ashes in there. I have a voicemail on my phone from the property manager that she was going to give me until morning to get my stuff out. 

I called the police, made a report, and now I’m taking Bove’s to court because this is wrong for what they did to me. Everyone that I have talked to said that I can bring them to court, even the police officer.

On Christmas several years ago, my upstairs neighbor had left her window open and her heat was off – the heater busted, with water coming out of my light and leaking down where my 10-month-old daughter was sleeping. My room…I couldn’t sleep in it; all the stuff that was in my master bedroom was in the dining room, kitchen, my kids’ room, and the living room. We had no heat for 2 days in the middle of winter and I have a 8 year old a 7 year old and a 10 month old at the time when this happened.

I called Red Cross, I called 211, I called everywhere but no one would put me and my kids in a hotel. The day I went back because Rick Bove said that everything was fixed but it wasn’t, and that was when family services came and took my kids because of the way my home looked. I blame that man for me not having my kids.

These people are worse then the Handy’s.