Our Demands

We, Members of Boycott Boves, demand the following actions take place to ensure that low-income renters are protected throughout the State of Vermont:
1) Public officials must return Bove campaign money immediately. This includes Governor Phil Scott, Burlington Mayor Weinberger, Attorney General T.J. Donovan, City Councilor/State Rep Kurt Wright, and Milton Town Officer/State Rep/Lt Governor Candidate Don Turner.
2) Attorney General’s Office looks into relationship between Almighty Peaks Painting, Rick and Mark Bove, and Dick Mazza. They need to investigate tenant complaints in a transparent and public manner.
3) The Boves must submit to an independent business audit and independent housing inspectors. If they fail to meet all recommendations in a timely manner they will be fined severely and must give up their rental licenses for good.
4) The state legislature needs to strengthen the role of town officer and create new, and stronger, tenant and rent protections.
5) Burlington, Colchester, Essex, Winooski, among other towns, needs to strengthen tenant and rent protections, including marginalized voices in the decision-making process.
6) The state legislature needs to allocate funding for an independent tenants’ organization or union that can protect tenants and help advocate for their needs.