Ryan’s Story

July 9, 2019: I am a former tenant of Rick Bove and have my own horror stories to tell if you’re interested in adding it to your testimony. 

Me and my three friends were his tenants in our senior year of college in 2012-2013 and we lived on Hungerford Terrace. We showed up on move-in day to find our refrigerator on our porch and when we opened the door the apartment was completely trashed. The toilet was in the shower, there were holes punched in the walls, electrical sockets hanging out, a huge pile of carpet scraps in the middle of the living room, door handles missing, it was a nightmare.

So of course we called Rick to ask him what was going on and he told us that we should be more patient and that this was to be expected.

I told him this was completely unacceptable and that it needed to be taken care of right away. He argued with me and threatened eviction several times even when our parents got involved. Eventually he compensated us one months’ rent but it took several weeks.

So we needed to find somewhere else to stay for several days which was a hassle. He eventually got Almighty Peaks Painting to come in and repair the walls and paint our rooms. One of the workers sexually harassed me and when I told Rick [Bove] about it he basically told me it wasn’t a big deal and couldn’t care less.

Everything was constantly breaking and nothing was clean in that apartment complex. We had our recycling and trash overflowing constantly and it was impossible to get ahold of him. He didn’t turn out heat on until nearly Christmas that year even though we were calling him constantly and leaving him voicemails. His mailbox would consistently be full and if we stopped by the restaurant he would hide from us.

He’s a horrible, horrible person. I hope you guys are successful – he deserves so much worse than what he’s gotten over the years. I remember him telling me he didn’t care if we sued him because he was always being sued and it didn’t phase him one bit.

Thank you for fighting against him, I know it’s not easy.

-Ryan Mosseau

This story was edited for clarity.