Who Runs This?

For the sake of full transparency:

My name is Charles Winkleman and I started this site. I’m a trained preschool teacher in Burlington, having worked mainly with low-income and immigrant families, and ran for city council in 2016. Over the course of the past year I have been investigated the Bove brothers. The truth is that in certain circles, especially in Burlington, it’s a hushed but well-known problem that the Boves are ‘slumlords’. I have interviewed many current and previous tenants, I have heard from numerous folks who believe they have experienced terrible things while living in Bove-owned housing, and have had an impossible time contacting their landlords, Rick and Mark Bove, when issues arise.

I also rented from the Boves for 1 year back in college. The 3 other apartments I’ve lived in since then have all been up to code, with landlords who respond within 24 hours. In all honesty, my experience pales in comparison to what others have told me. It’s not hard for me to see my own students, or my own family members, renting from someone like the Boves. So when folks began sharing their stories with me I knew I had to make sure these stories made it out into the world. Too many people have been hurt for far too long.

The interviews and investigations started after I sent this letter to the editor to Seven Days and it got a huge response on Facebook and a tenant invited me to see a Bove apartment building and chat with residents.

Feel free to contact me at BoycottBoves [at] Gmail [dot] com.

Here are a few of the pictures from that visit.

I understand that for many people, the Bove brand represents positive family experiences. At the same time I hope as you read more on this site that you recognize the damage the Boves have caused in the community and will think twice next time before you support their pasta enterprise.